Old traditions and new.  Adapting traditions to modern practice or making new Yule traditions that are right for you and your family today. 

A traditional song to sing around an apple or adapt to another fruit or nut bearing tree. (I have changed only a couple words of the text to honor the Gods and to make it inclusive to all who will sing.). 

Old Apple tree, we'll wassail thee

And hoping thou wilt bear.

The Gods do know where we may go

To be merry another year. 

To blow well and to bear well,

And so merry let us be:

Let every one drink up their cup 

And health to the old apple tree. 

 (shouted)Old apple tree we wassail thee and hope that thou wilt bear. Apples now! Hats full! Caps Full! Three bushel bags full! And a little heap under the stair. Three Cheers for the old apple tree - Hip hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Suggestion for celebrating 12 Days of Yule: 

12 Devotional Days of Yule by Dagulf Loptson

Located on Huginn's Heathen Hof.


Our Troth, vol 2. compiled by Kveldulf Gundarsson. 2nd edition (c)2007 printed by The Troth Publications. Available on Amazon Smile.

Idunna: copies are availalb at Lulu.com. PDF $3/Print $6 all are copyright and published by The Troth. 

#34 Yule Winter 1997                     #74 Yule Fires  Winter 2007

#90 The Wild Hunt Winter 2011       #98 German Yule Winter 2013

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Apple Tree Wassail/Joan to the Maypole. (Harp piece) from the album Wine Country Harpist by Joan Hall 2006. www.thecelticharpist.com Facebook.com/JoantheHarpist

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