We speak with Frith Forge co-organizers Robert Schreiwer (Troth Steersman) and Amanda Leigh-Hawkins (International Relations Committee) for a recap of the Frith Forth conference held in October 2017. The conference was a collaboration of the Troth and the Asatru EU Network. The European co-organizer was Haimo Grebenstein of Verein fur Germanisches Heidentum e.V.

 There were representatives from organizations from the U.S. and Europe as well as folks who wanted to connect with other leaders and have a good experience.  Links to the organizations can be found on the Frith Forge event page. Scroll down to the Participants section and click on the logo to conect to a website. 


IASC_Logo.pngThe Asatru Summer Camp will be held 28 July - 4 August in Gerolstein, Germany. Please see the IASC website for information and booking details. Attendance for the 7-day camp is as low as 230 Euros including accomodations at the youth hostel where it is held.  Workshops, blots, activities, and most of all - connection with other inclusive Heathens in a fun and comfortable setting. 

Frith Forge was sponsored by The Troth



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Voluspa: Track 3: Stana 4,5 The Sun, sister of the Moon

Track 10: Stanza 19 Yggdrasil

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