November 17 2008

02 Idunna and The Troth

Patricia Lafayllve discusses Idunna, her relevance to the Norse myths, and the importance of the apple to Asatru.  Idunna is The Troth's patron goddess, and here our current Steerswoman talks about what that means to our organization, and why we honor Idunna at our annual gathering, Trothmoot.

01 Troth: At the Tiller, Autumn 2008

The Troth publishes a quarterly magazine, called Idunna.  "At the Tiller" is the article written each quarter by The Troth's current Steersperson.  This podcast features our Steerswoman, Patricia Lafayllve, reading Idunna #77's "At the Tiller."  She hopes to continue this practice, and plans to podcast every "At the Tiller" she writes.  Patricia was elected to her position by the membership in Spring 2008, and took her oath of office at Trothmoot 2008 in June.